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The Anatomy of an LS1 Harness - LS Wiring Harness Diagram and Explanation

The Anatomy of an LS Swap Standalone Harness!

Ever pulled off your harness, gone to refit it and thought, "F#!%, Where does that go?". This post is for you.

The harness in question is a standalone modified Stage Two LS1 Conversion Harness from an Australian Delivered Vehicle. Your harness may differ depending on the model it was removed from and options like transmission etc. Please use this LS wiring Diagram wisely.

These LS Conversion harnesses can be used in ANY application including LS Swaps into Nissan Patrols, Toyota Landcruisers, Old Commodores etc etc.

LS Harness Loom Wiring Diagram

A – Passenger side injectors (x4) (RHD Vehicles)

B – Drivers side injectors (x4) (RHD Vehicles)

C1 – Main Earth front of driver side head

C2 - Main Earth rear of passenger side head

D – Coil Sub Harness Connector – Passengers Side

E – Coil Sub Harness Connector – Drivers side

F - Knock Sensor Harness – Connects to sub harness leading from under intake manifold

G - Engine Coolant Temp (ECT) – Front of passenger side head, above exhaust ports

H – Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) – Circular 3 Pin Connector on throttle body

I – Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) – 4 pin flat plug on throttle body

J – Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) – 3 pin flat plug in the intake piping – may be removed or non-existent if running speed density (MAFLESS) operating system

K – Intake Air Temp Sensor (IAT) – 2 Pin plastic sensor usually found in Commodore airbox – Critical for vehicles with speed density (MAFLESS) tunes

L – A/C Compressor Clutch – Engages clutch on compressor for Air Con – May be non-existent if not running A/C. If using computer-controlled factory A/C, a three-pin circular plug may be present near your IAT connector. This monitors the pressure inside the A/C lines.

M – Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) – Grey 3 pin Connector - Rear drivers side of intake manifold

N – Cam Angle Sensor (CMP) – Rear of valley cover, black flat 3 pin connector.

O – Oil Pressure Sensor  – Rear of valley cover, circular 3 pin black connector.

P – Crank Angle Sensor (CKP) – Behind starter motor, drivers side of block. Black flat 3 pin connector.

Q – Reverse Light Connector – Manual T56 only – Side of transmission - Black with green seal.

R – O2 Sensors – Plumbed into exhaust – One for each bank – Connector with Grey & Grey Black wires is Drivers Side – Blue/Black & Purple wires is Passenger Side - 4 Pin flat connectors.

S – Reverse Lockout Solenoid – Manual T56 Only - Side of transmission - White 2 pin plug.

T – Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) – Side of transmission - Black 2 pin plug.

U – Charcoal Canister Purge Valve – Connected to Intake via Vacuum Piping - Black or Sometimes Red 2 pin connector.


AUTOMATIC 4L60e/4L80e;

Transmission Control Connector – 14 Way Circular Plug – Grey with Black Boot

Range Switch – Two Types of this connector – Large Grey 12 Way plug OR 1x Small White 4 Way Plug and one Larger Grey 7 Way Plug. This contains the Reverse light, Park Neutral Position and Range Wiring

If the connectors are damaged, replacements can be found HERE

Please also see our LS1 PCM ECU Pinout Diagram HERE

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