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VZ Harnesses - Nothing to Fear About E Throttles

VZ looms  are often considered the ugly ducking of the LS1 universe
I get asked all the time, if I can convert peoples VZ loom to work with cable throttle, and yes, I can.
But often people shy away from using the VZ e throttle purely thinking it will be more difficult to wire. This is incorrect.
VZ e throttle with the correct pedal and TAC module is as easy as a cable throttle LS loom.
Where many people go wrong is forgetting to source a TAC (throttle actuation control) module and corresponding pedal.
VZ TAC Module
These are absolutely critical to source from the donor vehicle as they must be from a VZ 5.7L.
In the VZ’s, the pedal is connected to the TAC module through a complex dash loom that isn’t easy to remove, fortunately (and unlike some companies charging $200 for the service) all our VZ e throttle harnesses come with a TAC - PEDAL loom ensuring incredibly easy installation.
If you have any questions about VZ stuff, shoot us a message, we’re happy to help!

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  • Can I convert my standalone 5.7L cable throttle harness to Fly By Wire with wiring changes?
    I have already sourced the correct VZ electronic throttle but still need to source a suitable pedal, cable and TAC module.
    The PCM I have is the red/blue PCM that came from a cable throttle VU Maloo ute. My research suggests that if the PCM is a 411 red/blue PCM it will already be capable of FBW operation with the correct programing.
    Any comments and advice would be appreciated.


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